About Us

Banana Drip was started in February 2024 as a means of filling a gap in modern fashion. People have become too consumed with complex designs that honestly have no personality behind them. Banana Drip is an opportunity to be unique, just like every banana is different from one another. This clothing is a means of expressing one's self in a simple way that sets you apart.

Banana Drip's founder, Davis Yates, has never been one to follow the fashion trends of today. He strives to set himself apart and show everyone that he knows that he has decided who he is. Banana Drip is a creative project for Davis that he started in his senior year of college. Davis was sick of all the clothing options out there being either boring or outlandish. This is how the Banana Drip classic line was started.

Davis Yates (Founder)

Banana Drip Founder, Davis Yates, wearing the first Banana Drip shirt. This was a test batch to help determine what suppliers to work with to ensure you receive the highest quality clothing when ordering.